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Your smart home experience with Hubsai starts with an in-home consultation. During the consultation, your home automation needs are identified and installation requirements are defined. From this information, a Hubsai plan and hardware proposal is prepared. Once your plan is confirmed, your Hubsai installation is arranged. Hubsai is responsible for your smart home’s delivery, installation, training and on-going support.


There’s no need to worry about functional capabilities or device integration when Hubsai is your smart home vendor. We select best-in-class smart devices for your thermostat, video cameras, sensors, lighting, and locks and ensure that they perform as part of your smart home ecosystem. All of the smart devices delivered with your SmartHome plan are controlled by the Hubsai mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Large home for Hubsai Ultimate SmartHome Solution


The Hubsai app can be downloaded and installed from The App Store or Google Play for your whole family to have access to your Hubsai SmartHome home automation peace of mind and convenience. The beauty of your smart home app is that you can manage all your smart devices from a single point of control, while the typical user experience requires setting up, learning and using a number of device different apps.


Installing all the devices of your smart home will require electrical work on your HVAC system, network configuration, device mounting, and system initiation. That takes a lot of technical skill, but don’t worry our installation crew has everything covered. And our job isn’t complete until all the smart devices in your home are mapped and accessible in the Hubsai app and you are trained to experience the full benefit of your new Hubsai SmartHome.

The Hubsai SmartHome Solution Can Increase the Convenience, Security, and Value of your Home

The smart devices you select for your Hubsai SmartHome can provide many lifestyle benefits. But there’s more that your SmartHome can offer you. Hubsai SmartHome plans cover seven smart technology functions that offer what we believe is the maximum protection and return on investment when setting up a smart home.

These smart technology functions can be grouped into 3 functional system categories: Smart Protection System, Smart Cost Savings System, and a Smart Safety and Asset Protection System.

Smart Device Functions Available in the SmartHome Plan

Schlage Smart Lock in Hubsai's SmartHome Plan

Smart Locks

Air quality smart sensor in Hubsai's SmartHome Plan

Air Quality Smart Sensors

Water leak smart sensor in Hubsai's SmartHome Plan

Water Leak Smart Sensors

Amcrest indoor smart camera with Hubsai's SmartHome Plan

Smart Cameras

Philips Hue Smart Lighting with Hubsai's SmartHome Plan

Smart Lighting

ecobee4 smart thermostat in Hubsai's SmartHome Plan

Smart Thermostats

Garadget Smart Garage Opener in Hubsai's SmartHome Plan

Smart Garage Door Remote Openers

Introducing from the Hubsai SmartHome Solution

Your Home's Smart Protection System

Schlage Fancy Smart Lock

Smart Locks

Smart locks enable remote control and monitoring of your home entry.

Smart Lighting

With smart lighting, homeowners can remotely control or program lights when away, in order to make the home appear occupied.

Automatic smart lighting for security
Garage left open, close it remotely with Hubsai.

Smart Garage Remote

A smart garage door delivers alerts when the door is left open and allows a homeowner to close it remotely.

Smart Cameras

Connected smart cameras allow you to monitor your home via a real-time feed which is accessible on your Hubsai mobile app.

Amcrest Indoor Smart Camera
Introducing from the Hubsai SmartHome Solution

Your Home's Smart Cost Savings System

ecobee4 livingroom lifestyle

Smart Thermostats

A smart home can save you money on electric, heating and cooling bills. A connected thermostat that automatically adjusts to your schedule can rack up considerable savings over the course of a year. In fact, a US Environmental Protection Agency study reported that owners using smart thermostats saved between 10%-30% on their energy bill. And your savings go hand-in-hand with another unbeatable feature—a home that’s always the perfect temperature.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another great way to reduce energy bills in addition to providing security and convenience. Setting up schedules to automatically turn lights on and off according to daylight hours and home versus away hours is the best way to achieve savings.

Automatic smart lighting for security
Introducing from the Hubsai SmartHome Solution

Your Home's Smart Safety & Asset Protection System

Carbon Monoxide/Air Quality Smart Sensors

The latest technology detects smoke, fire and carbon monoxide and can communicate to your smartphone while you’re away. They also let you know when to change batteries in a more intelligent way. Many insurance companies offer premium discounts for homeowners with smart smoke detectors installed.

Air Quality Smart Sensor

Water Leak Sensors

Leaks that go undetected by homeowners are costly and destructive. Now, you can connect sensors in areas where leaks may occur, such as around dishwashers, washing machines or under sinks. These sensors can alert you remotely by sending emails or texts. Like with smoke detectors, many insurers offer discounts when these are installed.

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