Candy House Sesame Smart Lock

Unlike other smart lock products, Sesame doesn’t replace your deadbolt. It fits right over it. The motor in the device turns the knob and lock. Due to this configuration, it’s compatible with a wide range of deadbolts worldwide. Make it easy for friends and family to come and go by assigning them guest keys. You can have 99 guests.

If you don’t want to worry about that entire process, you can program the Sesame to lock and unlock based on specific conditions. Sesame uses AES 256-bit encryption with TSL 1.2. The company understands that cybercriminals look for ways to hack all types of devices, not just computers. They have protocols that defend against man-in-the-middle and relay attacks. The lock only unlocks when the right credentials get presented to it. If you have an iOS mobile device, you don’t even need to pull out your phone to open the door. Instead, knock on it to activate the smart lock.