The ecobee4 smart thermostat has a touchscreen thermostat that works with up to 32 remote temperature/motion sensors to adjust the thermostat based on where you are It also has IFTTT integration. The ecobee4 allows the user to set different schedules each day for various modes, including home, away, and sleep. The remote sensors detect temperature and occupancy and can engage a Smart Away mode if no movement is detected. 

The ecobee4 integrates the remote sensors by controlling the average room temperature for all sensors that are included in the mode setting and detect occupancy if enabled. A vacation mode can be programmed for extended times away from home.

With this smart thermostat, users can set convenient reminders for HVAC maintenance, Furnace filter replacement, UV Lamp replacement, as well as alerts for Low Temperature, High Temperature, Low Humidity, and High Humidity.